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    Interactive, evidence based workplace wellbeing solutions

    Compassion Focused Training & Workshops

    Bespoke wellbeing packages for your organisation

    Harness Your Three Mindsets:

    Manage stress and enhance creativity and connectedness
    by learning to recognise and balance the three mindsets - Threat

    Tailored Training Packages

    We can work closely with you to identify how compassion can address the personal and systemic wellbeing needs of your organisation. We offer a flexible range of training solutions from one hour workshops to our flagship 3 day compassion immersion package, Balance & Bloom. Whether you’re looking for a brief introduction to compassion or a one day course that dives into the fundamentals of compassionate communication, we can offer flexible solutions to meet every need and budget.

    We are excited to chat with you to discuss the unique needs of your team and explore how we can bring compassion to your workplace.

    A 3 Day compassion immersion

    Balance & Bloom

    The course is designed to be interactive and reflective, inviting active participation in order to apply the ideas discussed to personal challenges. It consists of teaching and psychoeducation with experiential practice and group based activities. Content includes:

    What is compassion and why do we need it in the workplace and beyond?

    To understand why we need compassion we firstly need to get to the bottom of what it means to be human. Time for psychology 101 as we investigate the gifts and pitfalls of the tricky human brain to understand how we unintentionally and unknowingly maintain our own suffering. We explore the different systems of emotion regulation to understand how they colour our whole human experience – our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. We delve into the concept of social threat and consider how our workplace environments can rupture our sense of psychological safety and send our systems of emotion regulation out of balance. Through personalised exercises we help you to understand what triggers you to feel uncomfortable threat based emotions (such as anxiety) at work before exploring how the basic human motivation of compassion can orientate us towards holding ourselves and our own suffering with kindness and empathy.

    Building your compassionate mind

    We explore the concept of self-compassion and consider how this is essential in helping us to determine which version of ourselves we want to turn up for work each day. We grow your capacity to experience self-compassion by practicing engaging skills to develop your compassionate mind. We provide a toolkit of resources to help you to build your awareness to recognise when your threat system is ‘running the show’, and bring balance to your emotion regulation systems by harnessing your body’s natural capacity to feel calm, safe and grounded.

    Creating compassionate cultures

    We address the importance of creating cultural change and consider why interventions solely addressing wellbeing at the individual level are simply not enough. We explore how a foundation of self-compassion can be built upon to embed compassion throughout the very fabric and personality of an organisation. We introduce core skills to ensure that every interaction, from every individual, every day has compassion at the very heart.

    Public Courses

    We offer regular public courses throughout the year for individuals to book onto to ensure that everyone has access to the skills and knowledge to support their wellbeing in the workplace. This offers an opportunity to learn about the compassion model and how to apply this to yourself and your organisation, to bring back to the workplace an enhance psychological safety at work.

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    More Information

    Our courses are relevant for staff working at any level of an organisation. Building our capacity for compassion is helpful for anyone who wishes to enhance their personal and occupational wellbeing. Our training aims to embed compassion from the top down to the bottom up, building compassionate cultures to effect change from an individual to a systemic level.

    Our courses equip attendees with a practical toolkit of strategies and additional resources outlining key concepts and exercises for ongoing application. While our courses can be offered as a discreet, self-contained package, we offer a range of ongoing support options to ensure that key training concepts translate into meaningful change. Refresher courses, reflective practice sessions and away days are available to facilitate continued discussion and practice.

    Courses are delivered across a number of formats depending on your budget and need. This ranges from pre-recorded workshops, remote live delivery and in house training. 

    How to book

    If you are an organisation looking for an in-house package for your team, please schedule a free discovery call with us to discuss suitable dates. 

    If you are an individual looking to book on to our next public course click here to view upcoming dates.


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