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Our mission is to bring compassion into the workplace and effect sustained, meaningful change in staff and organisational wellbeing.

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Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

About Us

What Makes Us Unique?

As a team of Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologists, we have dedicated our careers to understanding the human condition; what motivates us, drives our behaviour, and what helps us to feel safe, calm and grounded. As experts in the field of compassion, we are uniquely positioned to understand the impact of stress and burnout on the workings of the tricky human brain. We have applied our extensive knowledge of evidence based psychological theory to develop training packages that support individuals and organisations to harness the amazing capabilities of their compassionate minds. In sharing this knowledge, we hope to create environments which empower individuals to thrive and flourish in the workplace.

Today’s market is flooded with an abundance of workplace wellbeing providers. Instead of offering superficial models of wellbeing, we address what really contributes to the maintenance of our distress at work, our complex ‘tricky brains’. This provides a more meaningful, robust approach to the management of workplace wellbeing.

What We Do

Why Do We Need Compassion at Work?

In today’s fast-paced work environment, recognizing and nurturing our shared humanity is more vital than ever. We bring our entire selves to work – our hopes, fears, and a wealth of complex emotions. At the heart of this lies our human mind, brilliantly complex yet often overwhelmed by stress and anxiety.

The Human Mind in the Workplace:

Our brains, wired for survival, focus keenly on perceived threats. This natural tendency can amplify stress in the already demanding workplace, impacting our performance and wellbeing.

The Cost of Mental Health:

Ignoring the human side of our workforce has real consequences. Studies show that mental health issues are a leading cause of lost workdays, with substantial financial and personal costs. Our wellbeing directly affects organisational success.

compassion at work

The Power of Compassion:

Embracing compassion transforms our work culture. It fosters psychological safety, encouraging us to support each other in our professional journeys. This not only improves individual wellbeing but also enhances overall job performance, reduces turnover, and decreases emotional exhaustion.

By integrating compassion into our daily work life, we can create an environment where everyone thrives. Compassion isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling workplace. Join us in making compassion at work not just an aspiration, but a reality.

“We bring our whole self to work, the good and the bad. This is our shared common humanity”

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